November 2012

The King of Drama aired first episodes

The King of Drama entered the fight for raitings on 5 November 2012 - and is trailing behind. The first week delivered two fast paced, entertaining episodes, which received good reviews and earned positve feedback amongst the audience.

The two episodes introduced the main characters, Anthony Kim and Lee Go Eun. It explained the backstory, which included orange juice, the death of a motorbike messenger, betrayal and a deadly contract. The set-up for the upcoming episodes is looking quite promising, as performances by the actors were good, writing was tight.

Kim Myung Min gifts Padded Jackets to Film Crew

Kim Myung Min who plays the lead character in  SBS' new Monday and Tuesday drama,  "King of the Drama", gave a warm gift to the film crew.

Anthony Kim, the money-grubbing, penny-oinching, cold-blooded character Kim Myung Min portrays in "Drama King", should feel right at home as the weather is becoming colder and colder in Seoul. But Kim Myung Min is the exact opposite and showed his warm heart by giving the drama's film crew a very special present.

He privately bought warm padded jackets to the staff, which is working hard towards the drama's premiere on 5 November 2012.

"Spy" ends Theatrical Run after 39 Days

Spy ended its run in the theatres after 39 days on 28 October 2012.
The movie made 9.313.699.500 Won and sold 1.310.351 tickets.

03 November 2012, MyungMin International

"The King of Dramas" holds Press Conference

On 31 October 2012, Kim Myung Min's new drama,  "드라마의제왕 - The King of Dramas", held it's press conference.

The lead cast - Kim Myung-min, Jeong Ryeo Won, Choi Si Won and Oh Ji Eun, introduced themselves and their roles in the drama  to the reporters.

Also, a 7 minute preview gave an impressive taste of what to expect. It showed Kim Myung Min's character Anthony Kim zipping through traffic on a motorbike, emotional scenes, and glimpses of the other characters.

D39 - October 28, Sunday - Final Day

Sun, 28/10/2012
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