"The Destroyed Man" teaser poster is out

 The Face of Destruction

Who can fathom what a parent goes through if his child is kidnapped and presumed dead?

The latest promotional poster for Kim Myung Min's new movie, The Destroyed Man, gives a glimpse into the soul of such a parent. "When I lost my daughter, I died..." reads the capture on the poster.

But the face looking at the prospective audience is not dead, it's alive with pain, tears and hatred, bearing stitches and chapped lips from a recent fight. His expression is that of a man destroyed, someone who no longer believes in anything, who has lost his smile and his hope along with his beliefs.

Will this man be able to pick up the pieces of himself and mend his life again?

The Destroyed Man will come to movie theatres in Korea in July 2010.

Written by: kanshu_bee

27 April 2010, MyungMin International