"Closer to Heaven" Taiwanese fan screening on May 2

As a part of Catchplay's 2010 Korean Film Festival, Closer to Heaven opened in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Taipei on April 23, at the Shin Kong Cineplex in Ximending. ALS patients, their families and volunteers attended the screening as well.

Taiwanese actress Terri Kwan, who had previously played the role of an ALS patient in a drama, shared her experiences during the filming, and also encouraged the audience to support ALS patients and their families.

To promote social awareness of ALS, Catchplay will donate TWD$10 to the Motor Neuron Disease Association for every ticket sold for Closer to Heaven. TMND Association will use the funds for physiotherapy, breathing therapy, aromatherapy massage and house calls.

The event was co-hosted by Catchplay, Shin Kong Cineplex and Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association. The video is available here. <?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Meanwhile, Kim Myung Min's Taiwanese fans have chosen the screening at 7PM, May 2, to be the gathering date! There will be a lucky draw before the screening where fans can get a chance to win a free gift from Kim Myung Min! So Taiwanese fans are encouraged to buy their ticket at the soonest and get to the theater early in order to meet up with other fans.  

For more information and furthur discussion, please visit the Taiwan thread in the MMI forum.

Theater information:

Shin Kong Cineplex 新光影城

Address: 台北市西寧南路 36 號 4 樓

Tel: (02)2314-6668


Written by: hsinya

Special thanks to Wai and Luna


28 April 2010, MyungMin International