Arirang TV features "The Destroyed Man" today

Arirang TV's Showbiz Extra will feature The Destroyed Man in their broadcast today, 28 April 2010. Here's what they say in their website:

At the Set of Kim Myung-min's new movie, 'The Demolished Man'

After a series of transformations in his roles such as a cold-hearted maestro and a lou gehrig patient,      Kim Myung-min has done it again. Let's meet a born-again Kim Myung-min who has taken on a new challenge 
in the movie, 'The Demolished Man.'

So catch Showbiz Extra Episode 1194 today! Here's the schedule:

Seoul 09:00

Hong Kong 8:00

New Delhi 5:30      
GMT/UTC   00:00
Buenos Aires      21:00
New York   20:00   
Mexico City  - 19:00

If you've missed the airing in your country, don't fret! This episode will be available as a Video On Demand (VOD) soon! Check this site for more information!

Written by: piano_lady

28 April 2010, MyungMin International