Kim Myung Min reveals the true colors of a solid actor in “Man of Vendetta”

The recently unveiled poster of Kim Myung Min's new film, Man of Vendetta , gave the audience a strong visual impact. This movie has drawn the public’s attention since the beginning of shooting, due to Kim Myung Min's new challenges in performing various intense emotions. In the film, he portrays a father, who lost the whole world and suffered in pain every day after losing his daughter. Eight years later, however, he’s back on the road to search for the daughter he’d thought was long dead.

Through TV dramas such as White Tower, Beethoven Virus and the movie Closer to Heaven, Kim Myung Min has come to be recognized as “the master of acting”. He has also earned praise for going beyond an individual’s physical limit in Closer to Heaven. Now, his role in Man of Vendetta may become one of the most heart-wrenching characters in Korean movie history.

During the shooting of the poster, Kim Myung Min’s sorrowful expression showed mixed feelings of anger and grief of his character Joo Young Soo, a desperate father whose hopes were dashed when his daughter was abducted and presumed dead. In addition, the caption on the poster reads, “When I lost my daughter, I died...”, expressing the strong feelings of a father’s heartbreaking pain in losing his daughter, and his extreme resentment towards God. From this teaser poster, the audience can comprehend the entire emotion of this film.

Kim Myung Min has never been late for shooting, which also keeps the crew from slacking off. He was again the first one to arrive at the studio in Sinsa-dong to prepare his emotion for the poster shooting. As soon as the shooting started, Kim Myung Min exploded with powerful passion. “Kim Myung Min is excellent!” praised everyone on the scene.

Man of Vendetta has received a high level of attention due to Kim Myung Min’s new performing challenge, and his co-stars Uhm Ki Joon and Park Ju Mi. This film is scheduled to be released in Korea in July 2010.

Translation by (Chinese to English): mingmingbaibai09
Edited by: hsinya


3 May 2010, MyungMin International