Netizens' attention "zoned in" to Kim Myung Min's next project "Man of Vendetta"

The teaser of Man of Vendetta, which was released on May 3, has met with enthusiastic response from netizens through word of mouth.

The teaser is composed of tightly paced clips of the movie. It was revealed through portal sites, and reached more than 40,000 recommendations in 24 hours, which greatly raised netizens' expectation of the movie.

This movie attracts people's attention especially because this is the project that Kim Myung Min, who gained South Korea's unanimous liking after portraying roles such as Jang Joon Hyuk in White Tower and Kang Mae in Beethoven Virus, chose to do after Closer to Heaven.

Netizens who saw the teaser left comments in related websites such as "Myung Min Joa*, where is the boundary of your endless metamorphosis? I'm really looking forward to the movie", "this seems like a movie that will make your heart burst", "even through the teaser we can feel a forceful power, and Myung Min Joa's* acting".

At the same time, a lot of attention is also given to Uhm Ki Joon, who is appearing on the big screen for the first time. Netizens said they were "extremely eager to see Uhm Ki Joon's performance, and wish the movie would open as soon as possible."

The greatly anticipated movie Man of Vendetta, starring solid actors Kim Myung Min and Uhm Ki Joon who have put their best acting forward, is set to be released in July.

Note*: Myung Min Joa, or Myung Min Bon Joa, is a nickname given to Kim Myung Min, meaning "the true guru in acting".

Source: Osen

Written and translated by (Chinese to English): hsinya

Translation (Korean to Chinese): 韓情脈脈 (KMM Chinese Fans' Family)

15 May 2010, MyungMin International