Welcome to MyungMin International Official Fan Club

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Volunteers needed!

We are looking for members who are willing to help running MMI. You don't need to be a pro to help!

Please note that this is purely volunteer work, as we are a fan club run by fans and are not able to pay any salary or compensation.

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You are:
- reliable
- enthusiastic about KMM
- willing to take responsibility
- willing to work in a team

We look for:
- translators
Translations are the backbone of MMI. Translator skills are not just needed on the Website, but also for the video subtitling and maintenance if international contacts.
You don't need to be a pro to help out with translation. Smile

Our website languages are: English, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Persian, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, German, Korean
We are in need for translators from/to Korean, from/to Spanish
but all other translators are also welcome, because there's a lot to translate. :)
In addition, if you can translate from/to Japanese (preferably English from/to Japanese), please let us know.
- writers
Writers write news articles or articles about KMM for the website. These articles are either based on information gathered from other news sources, or from information we get directly from KMM's management.
- Information surfers
If you are surfing the internet for KMM information anyway, why not help out MMI to gather international newsreports about him? :)
- Internal Relations staff members
Country Coordinators: Are you good in organizing and posses some diplomatic skill? Do you like to communicate with people from other countries and enjoy organizing KMM-related club activities? Then the IR section might be just the thing for you!
- Others
MMI is offering an opportunity for a manga/manwha/comic artists to show their skill to a wider audience in an ongoing manga/manwha/comic strip that should revolve around KMM's works and/or fans. Or maybe you have your own fantastic idea? :)

Please don't be shy and contact us today either in the Forum, or by email: koguma, may7 or Bee.