Kim Myung Min takes the challenge of portraying a father character for the first time


Kim Myung Min has performed various roles in his acting career, but for the first time, he will portray the role of a father in his upcoming movie, Man of VendettaThis has drawn the fans’ full attention for another superb performance from Korea's acting guru.

Many are interested to see how Kim Myung Min, as the character Joo Young Soo, lives after Hyerin, his daughter (Kim So Hyun) is kidnapped. In order to find Hyerin, Joo Young Soo hunts the kidnapper (Uhm KI Joon) and tries his utmost best to track him down. Kim Myung Min will show the audience the love that a father has to his daughter when he displays a fury beyond description in order to express how the character feels towards the psycho kidnapper.

In a press interview last month, Kim Myung Min disclosed, “Whenever I am feeling down and tired, my family is always there for me”. He added, “My family is the best medicine for my speedy recuperation”, as he expressed his appreciation and need for his family. In real life, Kim Myung Min is a father to a son, and also the head of the family.

While filming this movie, Kim Myung Min imagined what it would be like if something similar happened to his family, and used that to play the character of Joo Young Soo with such intensity. His perfect performance earned the praise and admiration of the cast and crew.

Meanwhile, in order to build a realistic bond between Joo Young Soo and Hyerin, Kim Myung Min and Kim So Hyun remained in-character even after the cameras roll. At the set, they addressed each other as "father" and "daughter", and Kim So Hyun would even follow Kim Myung Min wherever he went, just like her role in the movie. Kim Myung Min took good care of her, and did his best in interpreting Joo Young Soo's grief and rage.

Man of Vendetta will open in cinemas in July 2010.

Source: Newsen

Written by: maroon74 and michi

Translation (Chinese to English): may7 and hsinya

Translation (Korean to Chinese): 韓情脈脈 (金粉世家/KMM Chinese Fans' Family)

22 May 2010, MyungMin International