"Man of Vendetta" attracts overseas market before its premiere

Kim Myung Min's new movie Man of Vendetta is attracting interest from overseas even before its theatrical release in Korea.

Man of Vendetta was purchased by China (Metro-Cine) and Taiwan (Catchplay) at the recently concluded Cannes Film Market that took place on May 12 - 21, alongside the 63rd Cannes Film Festival in France. The Film Market is considered as the world's largest film market where international distribution deals are made.

Kim Myung Min stars in the title role as Joo Young Soo, a pastor whose life begins to fall apart when Hyerin, his 5-year-old daughter (Kim So Hyun) is kidnapped, and eventually assumed to be dead. Because of this unfortunate predicament, Joo Young Soo turns away from God, divorces his wife (Park Joo Mi) and lives an immoral life. Eight years after the abduction, he receives a phone call from the kidnapper (Uhm KI Joon), who tells him that Hyerin is alive after all. The desperate hunt for the lost daughter ensues...

Man of Vendetta was written and directed by Woo Min Ho, and is scheduled to open in Korean theaters on 1 July.

Written by: michi

Source: Nate news

21 May 2010, MyungMin International