Why Kim Myung Min chose "Man of Vendetta"

This summer, actor Kim Myung Min returns to the cinema as a man with unusually strong emotions in Man of Vendetta.

Kim Myung Min is known to choose his project not because of its production value, but rather on how challenging the role can be. Since his choices always test his limits, the public is curious: What made Kim Myung Min take on the role of Joo Young Soo in Man of Vendetta?

The answer is simple: Kim Myung Min was attracted to the character for its extreme range of emotions, as well as the subtle and delicate changes required in portraying such a role. The character changes from a devout and upright man to a despondent man living a hopeless life. Towards the end, another transformation takes place where he becomes a man with a fierce resolution and intense fatherly love.

Kim Myung Min was also actively involved in making the movie in different ways. He made many suggestions including the change of his own hairstyle to suit the transformation of the character. Furthermore, Kim Myung Min was personally involved in casting the child actor to play his daughter.

Man of Vendetta  tells about Joo Young Soo, a devoted pastor whose life takes a 180 degree turn when his daughter is kidnapped. Losing his faith in God and hope in life, he becomes a corrupt businessman. Eight years later, the kidnapper returns, bringing along news that his daughter is still alive. Determined to save his daughter once again, Joo Young Soo starts a life and (or) death chase. Fueled with a father's love for his daughter, a determined and passionate Joo Young Soo is reborn.

Man of Vendetta will be released in early July 2010.

Written by: e2wen
Edited by: michi
Translation (Korean to English): eylcecil
Special thanks to: 韓情脈脈 (金粉世家/KMM Chinese Fans' Family)
Source: Newsen

1 June 2010, MyungMin International