Kim Myung Min: "Man of Vendetta" is not an anti-Christian movie

Kim Myung Min will once again transform into another unforgettable character in his new movie, Man of Vendetta. This time, he plays the role of a dedicated pastor with an unshakable faith in God, whose life takes an unexpected 180 degree turn when his daughter gets kidnapped and presumed dead.

The press conference of the movie was held at 11 a.m. yesterday at the Ehwa Girls' High School Memorial Auditorium. Man of Vendetta's director and writer, Woo Min Ho, and cast members Kim Myung Min, Uhm Ki Joon, Park Joo Mi and Kim So Hyun attended the event.

During the briefing, Kim Myung Min was asked about his preparation for his role as a pastor. Kim Myung Min replied that as he is used to seeing a pastor preach every Sunday, he need not prepare much for the role.

Kim Myung Min was raised in a devout Christian family and grew up attending church with his parents. His family lives 2 minutes away from the Presbyterian church where his father serves as a church elder, and his mother as a senior deaconess. His two uncles are also pastors, and Kim Myung Min himself is an ordained deacon.

When asked if the movie is anti-Christian, Kim Myung Min said "no". He explained that his role, a pastor, is only the occupation the character has. He added that though this role may be burdensome to him as a Christian, the movie talks about hope and gives the audience a happy ending. Because of that, he felt good when he finished filming the movie.

Man of Vendetta opens on July 1st.

Written by: michi
Translation by:  ljubov and LJH

8 June 2010, MyungMin International