Kim Myung Min as the Korean Sherlock Holmes?

Sageuk lovers, rejoice! Kim Myung Min will soon be reborn as the Sherlock Holmes of the Joseon Kingdom!

Kim Myung Min has selected his next project even before his latest movie Man of Vendetta has hit the theaters. For the new movie "Joseon Detective Jeong Yak Yong: The Secret of Yulnyumoon" (working title), Kim Myung Min will play the role of Jeong Yak Yong, a brilliant scholar who had a keen eye for investigation.

This historical-mystery-comedy film is the adaptation of the second novel in the Baektappa/백탑파detective series penned by well-known historical novelist Kim Tak Hwan, one of the authors of the novels from which 2004 drama, The Immortal Yi Soon Shin was based.

The movie will be directed by Kim Suk Yoon, who helmed the movie (2006) and drama (2004) versions of Old Miss Diary. Filming is due to start in the middle of August.

Now, can you picture Bad Family's Oh Dal Gun and Open City's Jo Dae Young wearing traditional clothes a la Yi Soon Shin? I can't wait!


Written by: michi

Source: Asiae


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