Rookie group behind "Man of Vendetta" theme song gains popularity

Singers of the theme song of Man of Vendetta  are gaining popularity even before their debut.

J2, the rookie group behind the song "Missing", is attracting netizens' attention ever since the teaser music video was released a few days ago. Many are saying that the song is very appropriate for the movie. 

Along with the video, photos of one of the members were also released. And the revelation of the photos added to the growing curiousity of the netizens, who can't seem to figure out the gender of the singer: Is this particular member a boy, or a girl?

So, what do you think? Wink

Anyway, here is the teaser music video of "MIssing": 


Written by: michi

Source: Newsen, Artsnews


It's a HE! by michi (not verified)
A Boy! by fatemeh_31358 (not verified)