Kim Myung Min: "It's a sad loss, but I will continue to cheer!"

Kim Myung Min could not conceal his sadness for the Taeguk Warriors' defeat at the recently concluded World Cup match against Argentina. However, despite this, he will continue to cheer and support the Taeguk Warriors.

Kim Myung Min, together with Uhm Ki Joo, director Woo Min Ho and the staff and crew of Man of Vendetta held the cheering party today at a pub in Jongno, Seoul.

Here are some photos of Kim Myung Min and Uhm Ki Joon before the match started.


Photos taken during the game. His expressions are priceless! Laughing out loud


South Korea lost the game to Argentina 4-1 in their second World Cup Group B match on Thursday, 17 June. The next match for South Korea will take place on Tuesday, 22 June against Nigeria.

More photos of the World Cup cheering party are available at the gallery.
Written by: michi
Source: StarNews

17 June 2010, MyungMin International