Kim Myung Min: Man of Humility

Kim Myung Min is an actor of the extremes. Whenever he takes on a role, he gives it his utmost effort and gets to his physical and emotional limits to achieve the best result. This also seems to hold true for his latest project, Man of Vendetta.

Kim Myung Min is also a man of extremes. On one side, he's an up and rising star of the Korean entertainment industry with a constantly growing international fan base and new projects galore into his management MY Entertainment. On the other side, he's a man who has remained humble and down to earth, well aware of the fickleness of success. This shows, for example, in the considerate way he treats his co-workers and fans. It's also evident in his modest words when he talks about himself and his profession.

When praised for his performance, he put things into perspective, saying that from a senior actor's point of view, his acting skills must be very meager. Fans have christened him with the nickname 'Bonjwa', meaning 'Master of Acting'. But the name makes him feel uncomfortable.

Even in the light of his portrayal of Pastor Joo in Man of Vendetta, he tries to put a clamp on any excessive praise from audience and critics. Kim Myung Min said that one can have high expectations of the movie, but should not expect too much of his acting. He considers it his responsibility as an actor to give his utmost effort every time to create a new character, even if the time to do so is usually very limited.

Kim Myung Min added that the extreme change of emotions made his character in Man of Vendetta very difficult to portray. One of the extremes is, for example, the movie's hero, Joo leading a desolate, lonely life after his daughter is kidnapped. The character has lost his faith in God completely, but then he learns that his daughter is still alive. Kim Myung Min explains that Joo must have felt an unbelievable regret and remorse at that moment.

Considering Kim Myung Min describing his role like this, it's safe to assume that the audience of Man of Vendetta will be in for an amazing journey through the depth and darkness of the human heart and mind. The movie will come to theatres in Korea on July 1st.

Written by: kanshu_bee
Translation by: eylcecil
Source: SportsWorld

23 June 2010, MyungMin International