"Man of Vendetta" - The most anticipated movie in July

On June 20, the ticket pre-sales website InterPark conducted a poll, asking the public their most anticipated movie in July, and Man of Vendetta received an overwhelming victory, scoring higher than Hollywood films such as Shrek Forever After and Leonardo DiCaprio's new movie Inception.

In Man of Vendetta, Kim Myung Min's break-through performance is drawing a lot of attention, and hopefully will draw in substantial boxoffice. When the movie poster and trailer were revealed, Man of Vendetta rose to the number one spot 3 times in search movie search engines, and it has since won universal praise from the media and audiences alike since the VIP premieres.

The main cast and director are set to tour 5 major cities in Korea to hold premieres and greet the audiences before Man of Vendetta opens nationwide on July 1.

Source: Newsen
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26 June 2010, MyungMin International