Kim Myung Min's triple transfiguration


In Man of Vendetta, Kim Myung Min transfigured himself through roles of a pastor, a businessman, and a father. These are the three different faces of his character, Joo Young Soo.

In the film, Kim Myung Min plays a Christian pastor who loses faith after his daughter is kidnapped. He then becomes a corrupt businessman. Even though they are the same person, their expressions, way of speech and their eyes conveyed completely different tones. Kim Myung Min comes from a Christian background himself, so he was able to portray the struggle of his character Joo Young Soo as he abandons his faith in a realistic and honest way.

Man of Vendetta, starring Kim Myung Min, Eom Ki Joon and Park Joo Mi, tells the story of a man's struggle against a murderer, and his quest to rescue his kidnapped daughter. It premieres July 1, 2010.

Translation (Chinese to English): hsinya
Source: Chosun

27 June 2010, MyungMin International