142,893 fans want to sit with Kim Myung Min


142,893 fans want to sit next to Kim Myung Min, and 136,435 for Uhm Ki Joon

"142,893:1", KMM sets the record of competing ratio of the number of fans who want to sit next to him, with Eom Ki Joon coming in second. 

The MaxMovie website conducted a survey of the number of people who want to sit next to the main actors of Man of Vendetta, Kim Myung Min and Eom Ki Joon, during the movie premiere, and they have set a new record with their seating ratios, beating Park Si Yeon's 1:116,492 record for Marine Boy with 1:142,893 and 1:136,435 respectively.

The poll was conducted from 11AM, June 11 until 11AM, June 25. A total of 279,328 fans participated in the event. The movie premiere was held on June 28, at 8:30PM at Seoul Cinema.

Source:  Maxmovie
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