No sleep for Kim Myung Min for 3 days and 3 nights


Kim Myung Min was interviewed at the premiere of his new movie Man of Vendetta by MBC's program "Good Day" on June 28. In this interview, he revealed that he went without sleep for 3 days and 3 nights, so that he could portray his role in a more realistic way.

Kim Myung Min is known for losing 20kgs for his last role as a Lou Gehrig's Disease patient in Closer to Heaven. Using the same passion and dedication to the characters he play, he went without sleep for 3 whole days to help him get into character. He said, "If I had a good night's sleep, I wouldn't have been able to convey the right emotion for the scene, so I decided to skip sleep to play the scene more easily."
View the MBC interview below:


Man of Vendetta  is now showing in Korea. It also stars Uhm Ki Joon, Park Joo Mi and rising child actress, Kim So Hyeon.

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Source: Newsen
4 July 2010, MyungMin International