"Man of Vendetta": 18+ Only

Despite being slapped with the rating "Teenager restricted (18-year +)" from the Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB), Man of Vendetta is holding place 3 on its third day of release with a total of over 311.000 visitors against strong opponents Shrek Forever (US) and Knight and Day (US).

The KMRB, which is the ratings organization in South Korea, gave Man of Vendetta the high rating due to strong language and violent content. This doesn't come as much of a surprise when you've watched the trailers; the foul language of ex-Pastor Joo and kidnapper Rudolph's brutality is an indicator of the brutal fight these two have over Pastor Joo's little daughter.

However, it's expected that the Teenage-restricted rating will cause damage to visitor-numbers on the long run. In addition to some serious plot weaknesses, which were pointed out in online reviews, it remains to be seen if Man of Vendetta will continue its path from its strong start by word-of-mouth, or if excellent acting alone will not be enough to draw the audience into the theatres.

Written by: kanshu_bee

4 July 2010, MyungMin International