18+ Movies create box-office success at the theaters



From above left, clockwise, The Housemaid, The Servant, Moss, and Man of Vendetta

We have come to the second half of 2010, and many 18+ movies have appeared in the Korean movie market. The Housemaid, The Servant, Moss and Man of Vendetta were all rated 18+, but they all scored well at the box-office.
Films that prevent underage viewership are often hindered by the crowd it is able to attract, therefore they usually don't create a box-office sensation, but this year was an exception. In the first half of this year, Director Im Sang Soo's The Housemaid attracted 2.2 million viewers, The Servant had over 3 million viewers, and Moss and Man of Vendetta attracted 2 million and 1 million viewers within 2 weeks of opening, revealing the potential of 18+ rated movies.
Especially because of summer vacation, the theater audience is mostly comprised of teenagers, but 18+ movies continue to make waves. Furthermore, of the 11 movies that opened this year that had over 1 million viewers, including No Mercy, which opened in January, 5 of them were rated 18+. Compared to the same time last year, the only 18+ movies that had more than 1 millions viewers were Thirst and Mother. The market for 18+ movies is indeed on the rise.

The reason 18+ movies are doing so well may be contributed to the influence brought about by the wave of thrillers 2 years ago. Thrillers are mostly comprised of crime, murder, kidnapping topics, causing 18+ movies to increase. But Moss and Man of Vendetta are such films that broke the mold of the thriller genre, and gave us a taste of what new thrillers could be like in the future.

Source: Chosun

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