Kim Myung Min: "Filming goes on even with a broken rib"


Photo credit: Asian Economics
MY Entertainment confirmed today that Kim Myung Min is slowly recovering from a fractured rib that he sustained while filming his latest movie, Detective K.
The 38-year-old actor was injured by an extra while filming a martial arts scene at the MBC Yongin open set on November 1st. Due to a severe breathing problem following the accident, Kim Myung Min was taken to a local hospital for emergency treatment and x-ray. He was diagnosed with a broken rib and was advised to take a one-month rest.
However, Kim Myung Min refused to allow the injury to interrupt the production schedule. Despite experiencing pain and difficulty in taking deep breaths and speaking in a loud voice,  Kim Myung Min continues to film while exercising extreme caution and taking pain medication.
Detective K  started production in September and it aims for a Lunar New Year 2011 release. It is a mystery-comedy movie that follows the adventures of Korea's Sherlock Holmes (Kim Myung Min) and his trusty assistant, Han Seo Pil (Oh Dal Su) as they uncover the secret behind a woman's suicide.

Written by: michi
12 November 2010, MyungMin International



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