How to join MyungMin International


Want to join us in supporting Kim Myung Min?



Membership in the fan club is categorized into two, namely:

  • Regular – Regular members have access to all the member sections, but are generally just in for the fun.

  • Staff – Staff members help actively in running the club and are involved in decision making processes. If you want to sign up as a staff member, after a probation time you also get access to the staff sections:

Administration – The Administration Section covers all things from membership, to rules, to forum & website maintenance.

Internal Relations – The Internal Relations Sections is responsible for communicating news and information inside the fan club.

Public Relations - The Public Relations Section is responsible for the communication with the outside world, translations and design.




Step 1

Go to the MMI Forum:

Click "register" (circled in the image below).

Step 2
Select your language by using the drop-down menu list (1). When you change your language, the information will reload in your selected language.
Read through the information and click "I agree" (2)to continue with the registration process.


This is the Japanese language usage agreement:


Fill out the registration form. Required fields are marked with an *, the rest is optional.


You will receive a confirmation email from the Membership Section with your membership number.

Since registrations are reviewed manually, it will take up to 24-48 hours before you receive your confirmation and website access data.  

If you don't get access within 48 hours after sending, please contact Bee at the Membership Section (


  • Done! Now you're able to see and access the members only sections of the forum. 

Note: Some email providers might put the confirmation email into your spam folder, so please check your spam folder.