090627 - Only 64 kilos for Kim Myung Min?

Did you ever wonder why KMM's target weight is 64 kilos?


According to the production company of the movie "My Love By My Side/A Flower Man/Closer to Heaven", his physique at 64 kilos was best to portray Baek Jong Woo. This also was his weight when he received the Best Actor Award at the PaekSang Arts Award in February this year.


Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won were scheduled to do a teaser photoshoot for the movie on the 15th-16th of June upon Kim Myung Min's return from the Netherlands. However, Kim Myung Min was only around kilos at that time. Since he did not reach his target of 64 kilos to achieve the desired Baek Jong Woo look, the photoshoot was delayed.


Curious about the Baek Jong Woo look? Check out the photos below. Credits as indicated.


Kim Myung Min at the PaekSang Arts Awards in Feb. 2009




27 June 2009, MyungMin International


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