090722 - Kim Myung Min’s Happy Energy Campaign

This article is about Kim Myung Min’s Happy Energy campaign, a fund raising activity for Lou Gehrig Disease
patients. He is the 7th public figure to campaign for an online donation activity. In his latest movie, "My Love By My Side", Kim Myung Min portrays a young man who is suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease, a neurodegenerative ailment which affects the muscles and eventually causes paralysis. The charity drive will run for 3 weeks.
Kim Myung Min’s Happy Energy Campaign: a fund raising activity for Lou Gehrig Disease patients
by maroon74, MyungMin International
Have you seen Shin Min Ah’s Happy Energy fund raising video in Naver (Korea’s largest search portal site)? In that video, SMA expresses her concern towards malnourished children and underweight babies living in poverty areas. Her idea of donating via internet to help those kids is actually as easy as it is convenient since we now live in an accessible internet world.
Happybean, Korea’s first online donation portal which is operated jointly by NHN and the Beautiful Foundation, acts as a bridge between internet users who wish to participate in donation activities and organizations in need of help. By closely connecting NHN’s numerous internet services with donation activities, Happybean provides internet users with an opportunity to participate in donation and volunteer activities (see



In April 2009, the portal’s agenda launched the Happy Energy Campaign with celebrities. Some well-known Korean celebrities took part in this activity like Girls Generation/SNSD, Kim Ji Soo (Women of the Sun, Solace), Ahn Sung Ki (Radio Star, The Divine Weapon), Kim Joo Ha (MBC Newscaster) and Sean (kpop singer). After SMA, our dear Kim Myung Min will join the ranks and will be the 7th public figure to raise funds, this time, for the Lou Gehrig's disease patients.
It is widely known that Kim Myung Min’s latest work (My Love By My Side) deals much with this particular disease since he himself has to portray a person who suffers from it. For those who watched MBC Special Documentary on Kim Myung Min, maybe you’ll remember how his eyes teared up after visiting Lou Gherig's disease patients in a hospital during his observation of real patients. Given these, it is just very natural for him to sympathize and be very willing to help by joining the Happy Energy Campaign and invite everyone to donate online for the patients. Charity drive for Lou Gehrig's disease patients will run for two weeks.
Kim Myung Min has made his move as an actor, as a human being, and as a person who cares about lots of things around him. We, his fans don’t have to follow him just because we adore him, but because he moves us and reminds us that in this universe, we don’t live by ourselves nor we can’t live alone. If he is willing to do that, why can’t we?
Kim Myung Min is scheduled to film his Happy Energy video on Thursday, July 23. His two-week campaign drive for Lou Gehrig's disease patients will commence soon.
22 July 2009,  MyungMin International


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