090711 - KMM: “The continuation of a nightmare..."

KMM: “The continuation of a nightmare was being diagnosed with the Lou Gehrig’s Disease in a dream”

2009 July 11, OSEN  


Actor KMM’s “Being diagnosed with the Lou Gehrig’s Disease in a dream” has attracted attention. 


On the 10th, MBC’s ‘section TV actor’s news’ was aired. Actor KMM has expressed that his weight of 72kg while filming the drama “Beethoven Virus” has gone down to 52kg when shooting for “My Love By My Side”. He has gained some weight since then. 


“I had nightmares everyday as I was preparing for the shooting.” “In the dream, I went to the hospital, had tubes inserted into my body, and I was told that I had Lou Gehrig’s Disease. I didn’t want to take up a role where I had to lose weight again.”


He let the audience know about the mental and physical stress that he was under while playing the role of a Lou Gehrig’s Disease patient. 


As to the saying that he is “ambitious in acting”, he said, “you will probably get the reward that’s proportionate to the amount of effort put in”. “There is no way to lie about the effort put in. The amount of effort an actor puts in will be shown in his works.” 


The movie “My Love By My Side”, starring Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji-Won, depicts a man who’s mentally and emotionally sound, but his body is gradually paralyzed by one of the world’s most cruel diseases – the Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The touching story is about Jong Woo, who has to struggle with the disease, and Ji Soo, who stays by him. The second half of the production has been completed and is scheduled for release this fall. 


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