090711 - KMM: I don't want to go on a diet again

“Weight loss of 20kg” KMM ”I don’t want to go on a diet again”

2009-07-11, Saturday, 08:12


Actor KMM didn’t hold anything back when he shared about the difficulties with having to lose 20kg for the filming of a movie.


In the MBC ‘Section TV Culture Program’ which was broadcasted on the 10th, actor KMM’s “I don’t want to go on a diet again” has attracted attention.


In the film “My Love By My Side”, KMM played the role of a Lou Gehrig’s Disease patient Baek Jong Woo. His weight loss was 20kg.


In the broadcast, KMM expressed that “while filming for ‘Beethoven Virus’, my weight was 72kg. While filming for the movie, my weight was 52kg. My image now is actually after some weight gain.”


KMM also said “Everyday as I was preparing for the movie, I had nightmares. Dreamt that I went to the hospital, being diagnosed with the Lou Gehrig’s disease.” He did not hold anything back, because of the mental and physical stress, “I don’t want to act in films which require me to lose weight again.”


And also, KMM has something to say about the comment that he is “an actor who has great ambitions towards acting”. “If effort is put in, there will be rewards.” In every production, he is able to portray the role perfectly. A true actor, KMM said “Efforts cannot be half-hearted, an actor just has to put in effort into his works.” It proves that he is one who puts in his utmost best in his works.


Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won’s movie “My love by my side”, a movie that talks about the gradual decline of Lou Gehrig’s disease victim, Jong Woo and his love, Chi Suk, who stands by him, will be released in fall.



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