Contests and Games



MMI has prepared games and contests for the whole month of March!

Name Game
March 1 - 10

As you have terms of endearment for your loved ones, you may have one for Kim Myung Min! 

The Korean fans call Kim Myung Min by Myung Min Bon Jwa which means true guru in acting.

Is there a special name you call him by?

We would like to know what name you have for KMM!

What's in his mind?
March 8 - 15

Unleash your imagination, creativity and humor!

We, MMIers from around the globe are not only very supportive and loving fans of our Kim Myung Min. We are also very talented, enthusiastic, imaginative, creative and funny.

And because of the said characteristics, we are inviting you to show to the world your creative, imaginative and funny side by guessing what is in our Kim Myung Min's mind.

Show us what you've got and make everybody laugh and have fun with your funny guesses
And win exciting prizes!

What are you waiting for? Join now!

Trivia Contest
March 16 - 20

Do you really know Kim Myung Min?
Do you know what food he likes and what his favorite movie is?
Let's see how well you know our guy through this trivia contest!
Not sure about your answers?
Fear not coz the MMI site and forum are treasure boxes

full of tidbits and information aboout Kim Myung Min!

So, are you ready to join the fun and search for the treasures?
Hop on and join us in the quest!


MMI on Tour
 March 15 - 27

As a fanclub with fans from almost every corner of the world,

it is time to make us even more global!

Is there a tourist spot that you will bring a foreigner friend to visit?

Is there a local joint that one must dine at when visiting your country?

Let the other MMIers have a virtual tour and win some exciting prizes!


Banners and Headers
March 21 - 30

Graphic artists, time to show off your skills!

  Do you want to see your work posted in the front page of the MMI website?

  If so, join us in the Banner and Header Contest!

  Check out the rules here!


So, do you want to join? First, read the general rules in joining our MMI 2nd Anniversary contests and games!

Of course, if there are contests, there are also winners! And if there are winners, there are prizes! So what does MMI have in store for the deserving ones? Check them out here!