090810 - “My Love By My Side” Sets A Release Date

My Love By My Side” Sets A Release Date
The upcoming Kim Myung Min/Ha Ji Won film, My Love By My Side, has settled on a release date: September 24th. And I am so excited.
The film, directed by renowned director Park Jin Pyo (of You Are My Sunshine and Voice Of A Murderer fame), deals with a man with a bright attitude who has Lou Gehrig’s disease (as played by Kim Myung Min), and is slowly becoming more and more paralyzed. Ha Ji Won plays the cheerful funeral director who loves him. Kim Myung Min lost 20 kg little by little as shooting progressed for the role, method acting-style. Man oh man, that must have been tough.
Anyway! I am super excited, as mentioned above. Park Jin Pyo proved with You Are My Sunshine that he can take a normally cliched, melodramatic premise and turn it into something realistic and touching. Also, KIM MYUNG MIN. Need I say more? The man is a god. Plus, Ha Ji Won’s fairly good, although I wish she would take a break and allow herself to live life a little and grow even more as an actress. Even if the film itself turns out to be disappointing (small chance of that, I’d say), Kim Myung Min is sure to give another great performance. I can’t wait to see it.
(Via E-Daily)