090926-KMM Almost Lost His Life for Acting

Director Park Jin-pyo: "Kim Myung-min almost lost his life for acting" (Closer to Heaven)

Director Park Jin-pyo of movie "Closer to Heaven" appreciates the leading actor Kim Myung-min's performance in the movie very much that "By offering the best performance in the movie, Kim Myung-min almost lost his life."
In the media conference of movie "Closer to Heaven" preview held in Seoul CGV on 15 September, director Park Jin-pyo said "I know I take the movie so serious that I even ask Kim Myung-min keep losing weight all through the movie filming."
Actor Kim Myung-min lost at least 20kg weight for the filming of movie "Closer to Heaven" because he is playing the role of the leading character who is suffering from fatal disease.
Director Park also praise that leading actress Ha Ji-won has tried her best for the movie as well.
"During the filming Kim Myung-min lives his life just like a real patient. After finishing the shot of Kim Myung-min gives couple ring to Ha Ji-won with mouth, I cried for a long time," said director Park.
Before the filming, Kim Myung-min weights 72kg. He lost 5-10kg in the first half of the filming and keeps losing another 10kg after finishing the whole movie which shows a real process of a patient going through the fatal disease.
Movie "My love by my side" shows on 24 September.