091007 - 'My Love by My Side' Tops 1 Million in 9 Days

'My Love by My Side' Tops 1 Million in 9 Days
The Korea Times 10-03-2009 22:34
“My Love by My Side,” directed by Bak Jin-pyo, has topped 1 million in ticket sales in nine days after its release. . . .
The movie starring Kim Myung-min and Ha Ji-won has been attracting movie-goers  among those released since September. It is more attractive than “Aeja,” the thrilling motherhood film, directed by Bong Joon-ho, which hit the 1 million mark in ticket sales in 15 days since it was released on Sept. 9.
The film, a melodramatic romance between a man who suffers from Lou Gehrig's disease and the self-sacrificing woman who loves him, is expected to be another local blockbuster, following ‘Haeundae” and “National Player,” which swept the country in summer, during the Chuseok season, amid the influx of Hollywood films, a movie critic said.
"My Love…" has been loved by all age groups whether they are female or male. Many families are
expected to go to cinemas during the Chuseok holiday as the film is allowed to children aged 12
years or younger as a family melodrama, accelerating the weekend hit, a spokesman of the film
maker said. “Ticket sales are expected to easily hit the 2 million mark by the end of the second
weekend of October.”


congrats Myung Min! by the girl who (not verified)