"Pacemaker" cast autographs from London

The main cast of Pacemaker signed

these autographs in London on June 12!

Click "read more" to view the individual autographs Wink

Kim Myung Min as Joo Man Ho (pacemaker)

Ahn Sung Ki as Park Sung Il (national marathon team director)


Go Ara as Yun Ji Won (pole vaulter)

Choi Tae Jun as Min Yun Ki (marathoner)



15 June 2011, MyungMin International


cool!! where did you hold the

cool!! where did you hold the fan meeting in london? where did they film? i really wanted to go, but couldn't make it to london


hi kwangela86! you're from UK, right?well, we met up at the set in the city and we also went to the hotel in east London.it would have been nice if you came ;)who knows if there's a next time ...


hi michi, yeah i'm from liverpool, it was a shame i couldn't make it because i was away on holiday at the time...chances are low that he'll be back in the uk i know...but u never know...hopefully he'll be back sometime for a new project. lol...ahh so it was east london, cool...did they go to tower bridge and all that...and to where the olympics will be held? look forward to your photos anyway...east london is the more authentic part of london, which is developing loads (as it is the poorer end of london)...so it'll be a cool setting for the film...oh yeah how many of u guys made it there in the end? must have been a good meeting...


hi koguma!
nice to see you again^^
yes, they were smiling when they they signed these ^^
see you around!! Smile


I'm koguma.
Thanks to show their nice signatures.
Their smile when signing seems to be visible^^
I wish to meet KMM early.

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