Join the "Yeongasi" Greetings Project!

MMI “Yeongasi” greeting project is now starting!

Hi ladies, this is MMI co-ordinator, koguma. :P
Finally the teaser poster of "Pacemaker" has been released, and early next year, we'll be able to meet the 'running Joo Man Ho' in the movie theatres, won't we?
Kim Myung Min himself is now filming his new movie “Yeongasi” and he seems working hard for his new role. :D


As you know, it is cold winter in Korea now, but Yeongasi's filming location seems near water. It must be so chilly!
Why don't we send our greetings and messages of support to Kim Myung Min, who is working hard in such a severe cold?
Let's send our warmest messages to him!

If you'd like to join this project, please read the following instructions.

  1. Write your message to Kim Myung Min on a card. Card size should be 100mm×148mm. One card per member is allowed.

  2. Use both sides of the card. You can use stickers, draw pictures, stick photos, anything will do. But please be sure your card is within the maximum thickness of 1mm.

  3. After finishing your card (both sides), put it directly into the envelope and send it to koguma. Be sure not to fold your card. And please don't send your card itself to koguma. Be sure to use the envelope and write the koguma's postal address on the envelope.

  4. Make sure your MMI user name is written both on the card and envelope.

Koguma will file all of your cards and send them to Kim Myung Min.

The deadline for koguma to receive the card is 7 January 2012, so please make sure you send it to koguma early enough.
If you'd like to join this plan, please follow the link to a comment in the MMI forum. Then koguma will send you an email with koguma's postal address.

13 December 2011, MyungMin International