Daum Cafe & MMI Joined Fanmeet in February!

A joined

Daum Cafe & MMI Kim Myung Min Fan meeting

will be held in Seoul on

11 February 2012

by Daum Cafe in February!

Daum Cafe 김명민 사랑하기 (SARANGHAKI) is KMM's official Korean fan club.

Because of the friendship between Daum Cafe & MMI, Daum Cafe has reserved 10 seats for MMI members.

Please go to the MMI Forum for further details and registration.

<公知>ミョンミンさんとのファンミーティングがDaum cafeで開催されます。参加者募集です!

由(明民國際)和 DaumCafe(愛明民吧)共同舉行的[金明民影迷會]將在首爾由DaumCafe(愛明民吧)主辦!

Of course, Kim MyungMin will come to the event.


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