Kim Myung Min's New Movie is called "Kancheop"[간첩]

Kim Myung Min's new movie project is called "Kancheop"[간첩], which translates to "Spy".  He will again work together with director Woo Min Ho, who already directed "Man of Vendetta" in 2010. "Kancheop" is distributed by Lotte Entertainment.

According to MMEntertainment, the movie will have its prayer ceremony on 24 March 2012. Filming will start on 06 April 2012. The locations for filming are going to cover various cities in Korea, like Seoul, Busan and Changwon.

Sources: MMEntertainment, Daum KMM Fancafe, mydaily, osen, etoday

22 March 2012, MyungMin International


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