MMEntertainment's New Homepage

The new site hosts information about the actor(Drunk under MMEntertainment's wings. 

You'll also find a video and picture gallery, and a message board.

The site also contains a greeting by Kim Myung Min and further details about the company, like an organization chart.

This is the KMM's message as the CEO of MMEntertainment:


"As a total entertainment group, MMEntertainment is trying to be a pioneer in building and expanding global cultural projects, which is targeting not only the domestic market but also the international market.
We plan and develop high quality projects, and at the same time, we find new talents for training them by our systematic and specialized system.
Entertainment of South Korea has already established a leading position in cultural contents. Now we at MMEntertainment are going to expand it world wide and we are going to become the center of global entertainment industry.
We promise to be a leader in culture and entertainment industry by our constant research and development. We promise to go ahead towards this goal at a slow and steady pace, which enables us to be with you."

MMEntertainment is still a small company, as you can see, with Kim Myung Min as CEO. Planning director is Jang Jong Pil. According to him, MMEntertainment is planning to expand and sign up more actors/actresses in the future.

Written by: beekay
Translatation organization chart: koguma

Translation of CEO-Message: Korean to Japanese - koguma; Japanese to English: aichi

26 March 2012, MyungMin International


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