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More cast members for Spy have been confirmed.
As reported earlier, the lead characters of "Kancheop" will be portrayed by Kim Myung Min, veteran actor Byeon Hee Bong(변희봉 ) and actress Yeom Jeong Ah(염정아).

Kim Myung MinYeom Jeong AhByeon Hui Bong

Byeon Hee Bong (변희봉 ) has appeared in countless popular movies and drama series, like SBS's My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. He also worked with Kim Myung Min before in MBC's Beyond the White Tower . Yeom Jeong Ah's (염정아) work include dramas like MBC's Royal Family or movie The Worst Man of my Life.

Now, additional cast members have been confirmed.

Jeong Kyeo WoonYoo Hae-jin

Jeong Gyeo Un (정겨운) had a leading role in 2012's highly popular SBS drama Salaryman, but he also played the lead role in last year's KBS drama Romance Town.

Yu Hae Jin (유해진) has filmed an impressive list of movies, and was last seen in Ma-ma and In Love and War.

Jeong Man SikKim Jin Hee

Jeong Man Sik (정만식) appeared in a long list of well-known works of action and comedy, like currently airing drama The King 2 Hearts, movie Marrying the Mafia IV, and others.

Kancheop will mark the first big role for new actress Kim Jin Hee (김진희). Other actors, including the child actors who will portray the children of Kim Myung Min's character, are not confirmed yet. Woo Min Ho

Filming for Kim Myung Min's new movie  will start on 6 April 2012, at Seoul's Eurjiro 乙支路 Avenue.

"Kancheop" is a movie about a spy fixed by North Korea in South Korea and other spies dispatched from North Korea.

Kim Myung Min will again work together with director Woo Min Ho (우민호), who already directed "Man of Vendetta" in 2010.

"Kancheop" will come to theatres in Korea in the second half of the 2012。

News source: MM Entertainment
Photo sources: MM Entertainment, Osen, Xportsnews, innolife, NewsNocut, TistryStudio, Dawm

Written by koguma and beekay

04 April 2012, MyungMin International


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