Yeongasi Invades the Movie Theatres 5 July 2012

5 July 2012

River Han is littered with bodies!

Yeongasi Movie PosterInternational Movie Poster for Yeongasi

Kim Myung Min's new movie "Yeongasi" (연가시) will premier in Korean theatres on 5 July 2012.

MMEntertainment confirmed that Kim Myung Min will do stage greetings during the weekend of 7-8 July.

The Yeongasi Production Meeting and Showcase will take place on 20 June, while the Media Preview will take place on 27th June.

Yeongasi has the international title "Deranged". This is a description of the condition that befalls the people who are infected by the yeongasi-parasite. Yeongasi - horsehair worms - is a parasite that changes people's brain and makes them go to the water. There, the parasite leaves the human body to continue its life cycle, while the human host dies.

Victims of Yeongasi Parasite going crazyYeongasi Victims escape from Hospital

Kim Myung Min plays a family father. When the epidemic spreads, he picks up the fight against the parasite and human foes. Kim Myung Min depicts the desperate struggle of a man after his wife is infected by the parasite 'Yeongasi' - horsehair worms - which kill people one after the other by manipulating their brains and force them to drown themselves.


But Yeongsasi isn't the only movie to premier in July 2012. Tthe Korean "Movie Street" will be the location of a hot showdown between Korean and Hollywood movies!
The contenders for the attention of the Korean audience are "Amazing Spiderman", "Batman, The Dark Knight Rises" and "Ice Age 4: The Theory of Continental Drift" from the USA, and "Yeongasi", "Thieves", "I'm a public Servant" and "Two Months" from Korea.

Four Contenders

"Yeongasi", directed by Park Jung Woo, stars Kim Myung Min. The movie plays with the deep-lying fears of people as it unfolds a unique story.
Moon Jeong-hee plays role of Kim Myung Min's wife.
Kim Dong Hwan portrays of Kim Myun Min's younger brother.
Lee Ha Nui is the fiance of Kim Dong-wan'a character,
Lee Ha Nui's character is a researcher who tries to clarify the cause of the incidents at the emergency headquarters of the National Institutes of Health.

Images of bodies floating in Han River set the tone for Yeongasi's story - will the Korean audience be brave enough to face the parasite horror?

News source: mydaily, Naver, SBS, MMEntertainment

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