"Kancheop" films big-scale car chase!

Shooting for Kim Myung Min's new movie "Kancheop" (Spy) will be done by big scale on location in Changwon.

Recently, Changwon City (창원시) has been developed by the municipality as dorama & movie shooting location. Many movie and dorama productions plan or have already shot there. The city is located at the south coast of South Korea, and is the capital of Gyeongsangnam-do province.

Chanwon City, South Korea

In Changwon City, at KBS Changwon Central Crossing near City Hall, the filming of a scene containing a car chase and gun shooting for "Kancheop" has been planned. For this, some of the roads will be closed to all traffic from 15th until 17th June.
"Kancheop"'s production company, Hibiki Film Productions Co., Ltd., has made the announcement for attention under the Road Management Act. They asked the local population for understanding and cooperation through banners, flyers, caption broadcasting and other means of public information.

Changwo Central Crossing
A map of KBS Changwon Central Crossing near City Hall

Shooting will be done from 9 am until 7 pm on 15th, and from 7 am until 7pm on both 16th and 17th. It's also planned to shoot at Changwon Plaza, the City council, KBS Changwon Central Crossing, and Seongsan Art Hall in Changwon City from 9th until 26th June.

Movie "Kancheop (Spy)" is an action movie with fun elements revolving around a North Korean spy (Kim Myung Min).

News Source: CNB News
Image Source: Changwon Homepage
Written by: koguma & beekay
15 June 2012, MyungMim International