Yeongasi Infects 2 Million in 8 Days!

"Yeongasi" ('Deranged') rules the Korean box office in its first week in the theatres. On 12 July afternoon, the ticket counter of the Korean Film Council (online at KOBIC) recorded 2 million sold tickets for "Yeongasi".

This is a new record for a Korean movie in the first half of the year 2012. In addition, on three days out of the eight days, "Yeongasi" captured more than 50% of all the movie goers of that day.

Contrary to prior expectations, "Yeongasi" is selling more tickets than Amazing Spiderman, which started its theatre run on 25 June. However, it depends to be seen how well the audience attendance holds up when "Yeongasi"'s other Hollywood rival "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" will hit the screens on 19 July.

Film critics say, that the reason for Yeongasi's tremendous success is that it portrays the true feelings of Koreans and has a unique approach to the field of disaster movies. Also, the topic of family love and good acting by Kim Mying Min and the other actors make audience in all age groups support the movie.

With the amazing success at the box office, "Deranged" will soon premiere in the USA.

On July 27, "Deranged" will be on the big screen at "CGV Cinemas" in Los Angeles, California, with English subtitles. Please check the CGV Homepage for further details.

News sources: SportsSeoul @yeongasi2012, KOFIC, CGV

Written by: koguma, mingmingbaibai, beekay

13 July 2012, MyungMin International


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