Kim Myun Min becomes the King Of Dramas

Kim Myung Min gets a chance to show his evil side in the upcoming SBS-drama romantic comedy drama "The King of Dramas".

Kim Myung Min for Drama King

In his first drama role after the 2008 success "Beethoven Virus", Kim Myung Min portrays the CEO of an outside/independant film and drama production company. His character is named Anthony Kim. Anthony Kim believes that dramas have to become a financial success. Because he mostly cares about money, he has a despicable personality, is ruthless and can become very mean.

The actors for the two other lead charcters haven't been cast yet. The female lead character is described as a rookie writer, who feels that dramas have to be about humantiy. The second male lead will portray a top star actor with a strong personality.

The drama will be directed by Hong Sung-Chan, who was last seen at the helm of  "Take care of us, Captain".

The script writers are a team: Jang Hang Jun & Lee Ji Hyo. Jang Hang Jun has written successfully dramas like "Sign" and "Harvest Viklla", while Lee Ji Hyo is a newby.

"The King of Dramas" will follow "Faith" in the Monday&Tuesday time slot on SBS, and start airing in November.

Source: Sports Khan, TV Report

Written by: koguma & beekay

27 July 2012, MyungMin International