Kim Myung Min and the Millions

“Deranged (Yeongasi)” passed the 4 million mark and Kim Myung Min fulfilled his promise to treat the film crew to wine.

Kim Myung Min, who has lead his life as film characters through “Pacemaker,” “Deranged (Yeongasi),” and the latest film “Spy,” finally enjoyed family vacation for the first time in two years, before returning to film his new TV drama scheduled to begin in this fall.

“I first went to Japan. I did not think anything about the drama at that time, but I found myself coming face to face with the drama script before knowing it, when I traveled to the US.”

After coming back to Korea, Kim Mying Min held a celebration party in the evening of August 2nd, and fulfilled his promise to treat the staff to wine when “Deranged” passed the 4 million mark, giving wine to more than twenty members of the crew.

Kim Myung Min told them, “I hope you will not have high expectations in the next film, ‘Spy’, as the highly expected works were not that much successful so far. Not much was expected from ‘Deranged’ in the beginning. You will enjoy ‘Spy’ more if you watch it without expectations.”

He also said, “I am pleased to know that ‘Deranged’ is very popular among my son and his friends.”
“Next time, I should set higher goal before making promises,” he added, making the crew laugh.

As “Deranged” exceeded 4.47million visitors so far, Kim Myung Min greeted the crew in bright and friendly mood. He even cheerfully confessed that he is getting 1million won (about 69,000yen/715€//885US$) monthly allowance for living, from his wife, who is the representative of his company.

He said, “It was 500,000 won (34,500yen/360€/440US$) before ‘Detective K’ became a success. I am now expecting her to increase my allowance as ‘Deranged’ has become a hit,” demanding a raise to her implicitly in front of the people.

“I got a credit card from my wife for this party tonight. I feel like a rich man now, and I’m feeling good,” he added, giving everyone a big laugh.

Kim Myung Min also declared that he will not play a role of a miserable man from now on, as he wants to erase his image of  “pitiful actor who hurts himself for acting.” He said that, probably, fans would not want to see him suffer, and it was not preferable for an actor to have such a fixed image.

Subspecific fatal parasite “Yeongasi” (horsehair worm) was bitterly criticized by the experts in advance reviews, but it turned out to be a big hit supported by the young people in their teens and twenties, and is still showing now.

The presence of Kim Myung Min had great influence on the box-office without doubt. He proved his power to attract the audience once again after the setback in “Pacemaker.”

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Written by: koguma

Translated by: napo