Mundane life-oriented spies are born. “Spy” teaser revealed!

A teaser poster and the trailer of the comedy action movie “Kancheop (Spy)” have been released.
The movie features Kim Myung Min, is directed by Woo Min Ho, and produced by 영화사 울림 Movie company Echo.


The poster shows Kim Myung Min, Byun Hee Bong, Yum Jung Ah, and Yu Hae Jin crossing a street. Kim Myung Min is holding a plastic bag of ice cream bars he bought, while Byun Hee Bong is holding a gun. The intense characters of those five spies are well portrayed in the poster.
They are North Korean spies, who have been living undercover in South Korea with no missions at all for no less than ten years. They are living as ordinary people, and their life is just mundane. They are the “working-class-type spies” who have a hard time making both ends meet every day. They fear the commodity price hike more than being reported to the authorities as spies.
Kim Myung Min is a man who always gets upset with rent increase. His code name is “Section Chief Kim.”
Yum Jung Ah is an auntie who devotes herself to collecting one million won bills. Her code name is “Senior Staff Gang.”
Byun Hee Bong is an old man who kills time in a nearby coffee shop. His code name is “Adviser Yoon.”
Jung Gyu Woon is a young cattle-man, whose code name is “Senior Staff Woo.”
Yu Hae Jin is the North Korea’s top assassin who conveys mission to the other members. His code name is “Department manager Choi.”

Finally receiving an important mission order for the first time in ten years, they are to start their espionage. Their guns and bullets, however, were lost one way or the other, somewhere during the ten-year “break.” Their helter-skelter ways would make us laugh accordingly.
They come up with a “double plan” in order to complete the mission. How would they execute the plan? Drama and action come together in this film.

“Spy” is due to be released in September 2012.

News Source: TVREPORT, newsnocut, enews24

Written by: koguma
Translation Japanese  to English by: napo

8 August 2012, MyungMin International