Kim Myung Min: “I am a spy earning my living by selling illegal Chinese Viagra.”

“Kancheop (Spy)”'s press conference was held in a friendly atmosphere with the director and the cast on Wednesday, 22 August 2012 in Lotte Cinema, Konkuk University.

The Cast of "Spy"

Director Woo Min Ho told the press, “Rather than portraying traditional ‘cold and dark’ spy image, I wanted to depict spies who are having hectic life earning their living, brilliantly execute the operation with awesome brain and good team work, after receiving a mission order for the first time in ten years.”
As for the reason why he offered Kim Myung Min this role right after the script was finished, he confessed, “I did not know other actors.”

Listening to the director's comment, Kim Myung Min told the press, “He does not mean the other actors were inadequate. It seems that he literally really did not know other people."
"To be honest, I did not think I would work with Director Woo again after shooting ‘Man of Vendetta.’ I declined his offer first. I thought it would be better both for him and for me, for our progress, if he worked with other actors who were better than me."
"He, however, consistently asked me, with enthusiasm, to play the role, and the script was so interesting. So, I finally decided to accept the offer. I am now grateful for him to give me the opportunity to work with wonderful co-actors."
"Furthermore,” he added, “I played my part in comfort, and enjoyed acting this time, as this character is much like me and I did not have to transform myself drastically.”

Being asked whether “Spy” would become a box-office success following “Deranged,” Kim Myung Min answered, “I think it is too early to talk about box office [numbers] now. Only God knows the outcome. I, however, did my best in acting. I have confidence in this work. It is a movie just like a versatile gift set. Any generation from children to adults can enjoy it."

As Kim Myung Min and Yeom Jeong Ah, the only lady in the team, are the same age, and as they both are parents, they got along very well with each other. Kim Myung Min accompanied her shopping when they went out for filming in a provincial area. He carried the things she bought, and served as a bodyguard, though he usually does not follow even his wife buying things, he laughed.
“I was happy to be treated like a princess, even at this age,” Yeom Jeong Ah smiled.

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Written by: koguma

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24 August 2012, MyungMinInternational