The King of Drama aired first episodes

The King of Drama entered the fight for raitings on 5 November 2012 - and is trailing behind. The first week delivered two fast paced, entertaining episodes, which received good reviews and earned positve feedback amongst the audience.

The two episodes introduced the main characters, Anthony Kim and Lee Go Eun. It explained the backstory, which included orange juice, the death of a motorbike messenger, betrayal and a deadly contract. The set-up for the upcoming episodes is looking quite promising, as performances by the actors were good, writing was tight.

Still, Drama King started out in the single digits ratings. According to AGB Nielsen Korea,  the first episode achieved 6,5% and the second episode saw a slight rise to 7,3% audience share. Both contender dramas for the same time slot are faring better - but the race for ratings has only started.

07 November 2011, MyungMin International