091019 - Closer to Heaven exceeds 2 million viewers


Closer to Heaven has reached 2 million viewers on Saturday, October 17, after remaining at the top spot for 3 consecutive weeks since its opening in September 24.

Despite the market's love economic situation, this Kim Myung Min-Ha Ji Won starrer is the first movie that broke the 2 million record among the movies that opened since September.

According to the Nationwide Computerized Box Office Data System, also known as KOBIS, which provides real-time accounting of tickets sold, Closer to Heaven viewers totalled to 2,009,781 by October 17.

Closer to Heaven tells about the heartbreaking love story between Lou Gehrig's disease patient Jong-woo (Kim Myung Min) and his wife Ji-su (Ha Ji Won) who faithfully stays by his side.

Sources: MK news; Kyeongin

19 October 2009, MyungMin International