090918 - Ha Ji Won adores Kim Myung Min

This is just so cute. I love it when co-stars are so fond of each other and they’re not shy about it during interviews. Ha Ji Won, who cut her long, beautiful, black hair to such a short bob cut, had the chance to work with one of Korea’s amazing actors, Kim Myung Min (White Tower).


During the interview on MBC “Section TV”, she mentioned just how dedicated and amazing Kim Myung Min is (yeah, we know that Wink keke) but also, she seemed to be very impressed with his work ethic to go into his character for their new upcoming movie, “My love by my side”.

In this movie, not only Kim Myung Min had to lost 20 kgs (no wonder he looks soooo skinny! aigoooo, poor him), he had to keep on exercising to lose some more weight. Oh dear, the actor looks like he’s in poor health already. >_>

The movie itself is scheduled to come out on September 24.

Posted by ay_link on Sept 18 2009
Source: Jazzholic