091019 - "Closer to Heaven" becomes the first melodrama to hit the 2 million mark since "Maundy Thursday"


Tearjerker movie Closer to Heaven (Kim Myung Min - Ha Ji Won) becomes the first melodrama movie to surpass the 2 million mark since Maundy Thursday (Kang Dong-won - Lee Na-young) aired in 2006. Moreover, despite the market's low economic situation, this is the first movie that exceeded 2 million viewers among the movies that opened in September.

Given this, the production team of the movie stated that "Kim Myung Min, who devotes himself to give his best performance has once again proven his powerful skills in "Closer to Heaven". Therefore, he has made for himself firm position as the best actor. We expect Kim Myung Min to draw a lot of attention at several ceremonies by the end of the year, since he has been leading not only in the TV drama industry but in the silver screen as well.”

Closer to Heaven tells about the fateful love story between Jong-woo, a Lou Gherig's disease patient, and Ji-su, a funeral director, who stays by Jong-woo's side for better or for worse...


19 October 2009, MyungMin International