091023 - A New Challenge for Kim Myung Min


The latest information is that Kim Myung Min is going to start filming a new movie project this November. With “Demolished/Destroyed Man” coming to the theatres in 2010, we can look forward to another transformation from Kim Myung Min's previous performances.

Kim Myung-minAccording to Kim Myung Min, the movie portrays the fate of a church minister, whose daughter gets kidnapped. He gets told that the girl is dead. Unable to deal with this blow, he abandons his position as a minister and divorces his wife. Eight years later, he not only switched profession and became a businessman in the medical sector, but his personality changed drastically from the man he used to be. It's then that he learns that his beloved daughter is still alive, but living with her kidnapper.

He decides to avenge his daughter and restore her honour....

Written by: kanshu_bee

23 October 2009, MyungMin International


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