081027 - Film Production company issued an unilateral absurd announcement


Kwon Sang-woo's agent, FANTOM Entertainment company today responded to some unilateral news regarding Kwon Sang Woo's cancelation on the movie, has informed that, "Kwon Sang-woo has contributed himself for this movie since before his wedding taken place. He is training to loss weight of more than 10kilos to meet the request of the role. He also studied and practise for his character and always well prepared for shooting." He added "The fact is that because the film industry is in recession, lacking of fiscal investment. There are many request from investor to contribute but the film production company always escapes or no response." "It is prudent to verify the investigation, and after a careful consideration, today (October 27) we and film production company will have meeting to come to agreement however the final decision has not yet made. What are spreading by media that Kwon Sang Woo canceled performances is unacceptable."

Fantom Entertainment Company also refuted the information from the film production company that Kwon Sang-woo and his company deliberately broke ties. "In order to present in a Fanmeet on October 205 Kwon Sang Woo left for Japan on October 24. Before the departure he had a meeting with film production company and both side come to some agreement. However today film production company tried to ignore that agreement, to make one-sided report groundless speculation."

Translation credits to Closer to Heaven thread in Soompi



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